William Kinney

Born (1980) and raised in Chicago, Illinois, William Kinney has worked as a visual artist, filmmaker, and photographer creating works which capture the human experience. William graduated from the prestigious film program at Columbia College. There he earned a BA with an emphasis in cinematography. As an artist, William utilizes his cinematographer skills of composition and design. He reinvents day-to-day commonly over-looked subjects and with an attuned eye captures the beauty for all to see. In 2014 William moved to the energetic city of New Orleans becoming an Official Artist of Jackson Square.


The series I have created has three different names "Wonder," "Wow," and "Lost in Time." The image with the street performer with the antlers was taken about 8 months ago in Nola. I just loved that the kid was wearing spider man pajamas and he is just tall enough standing on his Mom's cooler to see through the old school 3d slide viewer. The kid is having fun, the Mom's expression is of love and gratitude and the street performer is of patience. It brings a sense of togetherness between cultures. It's titled "Wonder."

The second piece I took was about 6 months ago in Nola. The lady was doing was doing awesome acrobats to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The little kid was watching and was just astonished by her bending and movements. His expression was of curiosity. It's titled "Wow."

The third piece was taken in a French Quarter building on Royal Street being rehabbed. The portrait of a person now on the ground with broken glass establishes an idea that life is short and memories fade with time. It's titled "Lost in Time."