Rick Hurst

Digital Photography Artist Rick Hurst’s childhood refuge was to immerse himself in the natural world around him. This eventually led to the University of Southern Mississippi, a 1982 Bachelor of Fine Arts, and a 1984 Illustration Course at Parsons School of Design in New York, NY. Not finding a job in the arts field, he joined the federal government in the mid-80s, and eventually retired in Washington, DC as a paralegal.

After moving to the Gulf Coast, Rick converted his new garage into an artist’s studio, reviving his interest in abstracts and his talents in acrylics and watercolors. He participated in art markets, artists’ co-ops, galleries and art shows, even winning awards and mounting a 6-month one-man show.

To satisfy the artist’s cravings for new avenues of creativity, he began experimenting with digital photos of nature, architecture and his own artwork, altering colors and combining images in multiple overlays. By the time he moved to St Petersburg, Florida in 2016, he was wholly committed to the digital art world.

Now Hurst’s tools for expressing himself as an artist have changed: he works with clean hands — no brushes, no pencils, no splattered acrylics, watercolors or oils — and he can take new photographs and work digitally from any location.

Each digital design is Rick’s personal expression of inspiration from the real world, explored and revealed through his own artistic imagination.



An ongoing exploration of universal components in the origin and evolution of cosmic life. Each artwork is a unique window into that continuum, from the first spark of life energy to the sophisticated harmony and complexity of the human mind.”

I see universal energies throughout my surrounding world — the life forces of nature, the vibrancy of color, the vitality and strength of architecture.

All of my designs begin with original photography, which I meld into digital artworks using multiple exposures, layers, color-transformations and art filters.

Nature and architecture are the foundations for my abstract designs: Dali Museum DNA staircase spirals merge with a Budapest spa domed ceiling; leftover grape stems morph into a microview of essential building blocks of life.

My purpose is to interpret and reveal those energies to all who view my art — to awaken curiosity, prompt introspection, feed their inner being; to have my designs resonate with them.