Sharon Paster

Sharon Paster has been pursuing artmaking "on and off", (usually "on"), for about 50 years. Her mother had a strong awareness of fine art and how to engage children in a conversation about it. Her father had pursued a practical venue in the industrial and graphic arts. Sharon has had a love of learning for many years. Making a living in art education has been a surprise gift. At first, serving corporate aims, then, the public's, Sharon's experience has been an interesting one. 


It's my goal to allow subject matter to emerge through my art. For me, subject matter is usually a mood, or a glimpse at "truth". Sometimes, I pursue traditional approaches to art making, (drawing, painting), and other times I use digital means. This summer, I see the model and the model's energy as inspiration. The "truth" that their pose contains is really a perception that I have, linked to the inevitable personal connection that I have with the pose. It's nice to see a male model, as I don't share their routine. Nonetheless, regardless of gender, a model's remote and "private" moment sparks my imagination.