susan sprout

Artist Bio

Susan Kaineg


Born in the Midwest, now living in the Pacific Northwest

I am a Maker, a Feminist and grand enthusiast of empowerment and equality. My life interest has always involved creating, painting, and making objects atypical. From developing a novel virtual reality theatre over 20 years ago to leaning how to paint hair-on upcycled hide to devising a new form of mixed media art, the only requisite was to create something that did not exist.

Through decades working in the tech sector and experiencing harsh patriarchal gender bias and discrimination, I forged my path as an artist using words, color, and imagery to speak out against such disempowerment for myself. My artwork has evolved to an evocation of our amazing global citizens raising their voices to disturb the status quo, evidence of the power of creativity and the human spirit. Tremendous inspiration is drawn from global icons like Shirley Chisholm, Malala, Alice Stokes Paul and Claudette Colvin, to name a few.

Launched during Covid, I brought a first-of-its-kind, commercial grade painted upcycled hair-on hide to market within the interior design community, garnering several coveted international awards. But I found a deeper passion creating 3D mixed media original artwork, deeply diving into an extended period of art production which required painting, pounding, shattering, gluing, sanding, cutting – all a grand celebration of individual empowerment.

Post Covid, I am eager to share what I have created and began the submission process. Currently my works can be seen at ICON by Lynn Hanson Gallery in Seattle, Metamorphosis – New Orleans, The Jones Gallery – Kansas City, Script, Envision Gallery – Dallas, Food For Thought – Frederick MD, Small Works at the Carnegie Gallery – Traverse City MI, Never Give Up – Cancer Book of Arts 2022. Upcoming, my art can be seen at The Holy Art Gallery, London, Teeny Tiny Bold – Platteville WI, The American Artist – London and the Esther Rolle Exhibition – Pompano Beach, FL, Sedona, ARTWALK to name a few.

As the great Madeline Albright said, “It took me a long time to find my voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.” I create empowerment original fine art 3D through handcrafted artisanship made from fierce courage of the heart.


Non-conformist, outspoken upstart creating fine art forged as a coping mechanism through my experiences and observations of inequity and gender bias.