Darlene Bigus-Doheny

Darlene Bigus-Doheny

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Canadian born Darlene Bigus-Doheny, is an award-winning pastelist (IAPS Globe 2023 President’s Pick, Artist Network 2023 Pastel 100 magazine honorable mention, Degas Pastel Society 2022 Honorable Mention), printmaker and event designer. Her working career includes 10 years of interior plant-scape design, including the design and build of large-scale moss & botanical walls. In her studio, she finds her creative expression through process: from the seeds of an idea and quiet observation, grafting opportunities of a single medium or of multiple mediums, techniques and disciplines. Grounded in the disciplines of Realism and the joys of Impressionist & Colorist movements, she is passionate about portraiture, seeking to infuse her work with a sense of the moment. The discoveries found in working with pastels, paint or plants aligns with her belief that learning is a life-long endeavor.

Darlene’s work explores expressions of time, place, culture and spirit. Time in the studio, for her, is an opportunity for honoring life’s beauty and depth. Her work looks to bridge a recognition of the individual with an understanding of our human spirit and connectivity, celebrating the beauty held within.

She makes her home with her husband John Doheny, jazz musician and educator, on the banks of the Mississippi in New Orleans.


My goal is 1000 portraits.

How will I develop, change, explore? What will my portrait chronicles reveal?

The arrival of COVID, with its seclusion. provided the opportunity to begin this long-desired exploration, allowing me to focus completely on pastel and portraiture…

I had intermittently attended NODG drawing sessions at the Fair Grinds Coffee Shop in the early days sketched primarily with ink pens with a touch of pastels and charcoal. My lockdown silver lining was weekly drawing practice with NODG via Zoom. Sandra Burshell is not only a dear friend and at one time was my neighbor, but also is the person who first introduced me to the medium of pastel. As such, it is my constant honor and delight to co-moderate, keep session timing and facilitate our monthly Open Discussions during these Zoom sessions.

As my archive of work expands, it reveals and opens up stories within. My inclusion in, and recognition from, various regional, national and international online and live exhibitions, gives me the confidence, courage and determination to move forward in the realization of these stories.

This online community has broadened my horizon, grounded me, encouraged me and become my extended creative family. I am truly thankful.