Like This, Lettow-Vorbeck

Like This, Lettow-Vorbeck, Photography
Like This, Lettow-Vorbeck
The piece is comprised of 4 stills. 3 of the stills are from the Fifth Column music video for the song "Like This". The 4th still is a shot of Lettow-Vorbeck wearing a Marcel Duchamp mustache.

Photography (Other)   21 x 21 x 1   $50,000.00    5  

Relationship to marginalized people:
The piece brings together new bedfellows. Fifth Column was an early feminist LGBTQ rights group from Canada. The term Fifth Column is military in nature, and refers to a splinter or insurgent group that is hidden within a large group and which has the intent to overthrow the larger group. Lettow-Vorbeck was a German military General who served in Africa in WWI. When Hitler came around looking to recruit officers to serve under him in WWII, Vorbeck famously (and literally) told him to go and fuck himself.
Type of work: